White Anarchists, Stop leaving BIPOC Out Of Your Activism

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing well and attempting to survive in these times. If you are reading this, youre doing so well!

So as a black Anarchist, I often share Anarchist spaces with white people. Lets just get that out there. And as a result, I have come to realise that a lot of white anarchists subtly leave out BIPOC when talking about the revolution, or just straight up ostrasise us. Now, you might think “well if they are racist, they are not anarchist!” and technically, that is very true. However, a lot of white anarchists use this line to alienate themselves from the really obvious racism in the community, while behaving as though it is not pervasive. However, I am very sure that a good number of these anarchists uphold white supremacy in the movement. So, if you are a white anarchist, keep reading, because I am sure this applies to you.

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Firstly, why the hell do white Anarchists think anarchist theory can only be drawn by old, white men? How do they believe in only the work of white men when factors like colonialism and white supremacy, which obviously affects BIPOC folks, are the major reasons for the oppressive systems that birthed anarchy? They preach anti-racism and anti-imperialism, yet bring exactly those ideas into supposedly anarchist spaces, maintaining white supremacy in the process. From Musical Geniuses like Fela Kuti, to the great Decolonization activist and philosopher Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o, to the legendary Angela Davis, Anarchist theories have been shared by BIPOC as a response to colonialism. And even if someone has never read any theory before, what is the point of gate-keeping a community built around freedom? Make it make sense. People do not need to read theory to know that they want to dismantle an oppressive system, especially BIPOC queer people who are some of the most oppressed by it. The problem with white anarchists is that they treat liberation like a costume, one they have to read up on to “master”, when BIPOC live these experiences. I do not need to pick up to know how deeply a system oppresses me. I just need to come to terms with it. This idea that we need to read their options of credible theorists is also very inaccessible in the sense that a lot of BIPOC across the diaspora cannot speak English fluently enough to understand a lot of the points of these theorists (which is in no way a flaw of theirs), and it being from white, usually male perspectives, makes it even worse.

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Furthermore, a lot of white anarchists talk about “No states, no Gods, No masters”, but subtly use that as an avenue to oppress BIPOC. that phrase does not simply mean “everybody must assimilate and be atheists”. It simply means that the oppressive structure of the state is removed along with it, and there is no hegemonic dictatorship meant for every single person. However, what you will find is that a lot of white anarchists harass BIPOC online, saying they cannot be anarchist if they have a belief system that plays an important role in their individual lives. Not only is that ignorant, but violent. What are the white Anarchists plans to make sure a stateless society does not mean assumption of assimilation and relinquishing the belief systems to make us happy? Or do white anarchists simply believe internally that white is the default we should all aspire to assimilate into? We know the answer to that question. If your anarchism does not ensure the safety of BIPOC and their continued proximity to their cultures, that is not Anarchism. That is colonialism in another form. Anarchism means freedom for BIPOC, too!

In summary, you white anarchists need to do better. Your supposed knowledge of oppression does not exclude you from being the perpetrator. Keep BIPOC in your activism always, otherwise do not bother at all. And BIPOC anarchists, I encourage you all to assimilate into safer spaces with other BIPOC anarchists, especially queer BIPOC anarchists. Lets get our own revolution!

Thank you so much for reading! If you enjoyed this post, please give it a like, and let me know in the comments what you thought or if I left anything out. I am open to learn more! Thank you as always for supporting me, and if you are a BIPOC (especially queer) anarchist, contact me! Lets be friends!

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