Has Racism Become The Default Setting For White People?

Hello everyone, and welcome back! I wanted to post more regularly during isolation but my feelings of sadness and loneliness has prevented me from doing so. However, I genuinely love writing posts here for you all to read, so I know it is a great distraction for all of us.

Now, I am very active on twitter (follow me @vickindaugly) and lately, there has been a massive surge of exposing white people for their racist past, From that Emma girl on tiktok, to that other girl on tiktok who made a racist post with her boyfriend and ended up losing her place at university. If you know, you know. It has become so rampant and open lately, and it has led me to the question, as suggested by one of the people I follow on Twitter: has racism become the default setting for white people?

The worst part of it all is how numb we are to it. When one person gets exposed, all they need to do is make a statement or post about how sorry they are to the communities they have hurt and suddenly people say “it’s in their past, they have learnt”. While this can be true, what message are we sending? We are becoming complacent in the major problem at hand: a lot of white people seem to have racist pasts.

I REFUSE to let this be a normality. A large number of white people cannot even comprehend the idea of being racist. Therefore, no, I will not accept the fact that it’s “their past” and they have apologised in ways that frankly strike me as condescending and aggressively tone-deaf.

These constant racist backgrounds are as a result of internalised racism passed on to them by their parents, and therefore, a lot of the time these people see absolutely nothing wrong with saying the things they say on public platforms for everybody to see. It’s abhorrent. On top of that, there seems to be a constant act of white people accepting apologies that are not even directed towards them. Riddle me this: how can you accept an apology not for you but for the actual people that these words and actions further marginalise? It’s time to stop saying things to minorities like “you’re aiding cancel culture” or “it’s in the past, stop trying to ruin their lives.”

Exposing disgusting things that somebody has said and making them face the repercussions of their actions is NOT trying to ruin their lives. We REFUSE to be numb to this.

And to the white people who have been exposed for being racist, stop victimising yourselves. Take responsibility for the things you say on a daily basis and, and realise that even after you have apologised, some people will still choose not to engage with you. It is not the job of minorities to forgive and forget all the time.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post please give it a like. Stay safe xx

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