Suddenly During a pandemic, Everybody hates the Capitalism They usually love

Welcome back everyone! hope you are all staying the fuck at home and taking care of your physical and mental health!

Today, I thought I would talk about something that I actually find quite ironic and funny, and it is always nice to have something to laugh about during times like these. It seems as though suddenly, nobody likes capitalism anymore. Everybody that talked over and over about the flaws of socialism and equity have suddenly started complaining about landlords and why millions of people are still going to work despite pleas to stay home. Well let me help you out with that: capitalism.

Capitalism has always only benefited the super rich. A lot of businesses still need to stay open to simply survive, and a lot of people still have to go to work to keep surviving. Some people literally live by the mouth, and their savings simply cannot cover being away from work for the amount of time they are being asked to self-isolate, and therefore risk their lives going to work. A lot of people are being laid off work because certain businesses simply cannot afford to keep them, and therefore these people cannot pay bills, such as rent and phone bills, which then means they are evicted from their homes by landlords. Let us not even go into how little the government seems to care about homeless people during this pandemic.

The worst part about all this? when this pandemic is over, we are going to go back to loving the capitalism that has literally just kicked us in the shins, and forget all of this ever happened, when this should prove to us all that capitalism isn’t as fool proof as we believe it to be. It certainly isn’t protecting us from emergencies. We are all being told to stay inside (as we should), but what is being done to allow everyone to be able to afford to stay inside and get things like food, toiletries, water e.t.c.? what is being done to make sure people who have no homes to go to are being given shelters so they can also stay inside and be able to afford basic amenities?

And yes, there have been grants given to small businesses to help them through times like this, and also meaning that they can pay their workers minimum wage, but everybody knows that this minimum wage is barely enough for a lot of big families, especially at times like this. On top of that, basic needs are incredibly expensive, another lovely characteristic of capitalism.

So why does everybody seem to be complaining about it now? A lot of people have gone on and on about how socialist policies and equity could never be beneficial, and capitalism is the best regime to have. Well here it is: capitalism in full force.

So when this pandemic is over, think twice about defending capitalist policies, because capitalist policies will not defend you (unless you’re like, Jeff Bezoz.)

Thank you for reading everyone! As usual, please leave a like if you enjoyed this post, and comment down below if you agree/disagree, and anything I might have missed.

Stay safe! xx

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