Your mental health is also as important during a pandemic

TW// Mental health (sorry for not including a trigger warning in the last post and all previous posts that could be potentially triggering, I am learning everyday and I will try to do better. I have also added a trigger warning on my home page now xx)

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Welcome back everyone! I know I failed to post last week, but it was an incredibly hectic week between all my closest friends leaving, and having to go back home myself. Safe to say i have been incredibly morose, but what better time for us to bond than now? I think I will try to upload more frequently (I mean, I have all this time), so all my loyal supporters can have something to look forward to!

This is going to be a very serious one.

Speaking of this horrible pandemic, I know a lot of neurodiverse people, or extroverted people who rely on social interaction with lots of friends to survive and live a normal life, such as me, are struggling incredibly right now. whether or not anybody tells you that you are overreacting for being upset that your summer is ruined or your long anticipated plans are cancelled, it is a completely valid thing to feel, and there is no need to feel selfish for being upset at things like this.

Likewise, as a person struggling with OCD and an eating disorder, I know exactly how this pandemic worsens mental health and well being, literally to the point where everything seems pointless and waking up in the morning seems like the biggest struggle in the world, even though it usually never is. My neurodiverse brain just assumes that the world is going to ashes, so should my life and my routine. It is awful.

However, to everyone struggling out there, we are in this together, and you are not alone. You are not selfish for being mentally affected by this pandemic, and you are not selfish for wishing you could socialise as usual (even though you should not). It is completely normal to want to continue life the way is usually is, especially for someone like me who relies on that sense of normalcy to be sane.

As much as it is good to acknowledge the mental damage this is doing to a lot of us, we cannot allow ourselves to plummet into despair. We have to at least try to help ourselves, even though it might seem helpless in these trying and precarious times. So, I am going to share a list of things that have been helping me cope amidst all this.

  1. Meditation. I’ve found that meditating every morning before I talk to anybody can really impact my day positively, because it allows me to mentally be able to block out any negative conversations surrounding the pandemic. I want to make sure that all of us are prioritizing our own peace of mind as much as our physical health and that of others. Therefore, I try to create that barrier between me and unnecessary negative conversations by channeling my energy as soon as I wake up, and I think everyone else should do the same.
  2. Boxing. Now you may not be much of a boxer yourself but I think any form of physical exercise could really make a great difference in the way we channel our frustration. I think physical exercise is a great outlet, and it releases Dopamine, which means that exercising isn’t only good for your physical health but also keeps you happy! Its a win-win situation. I try to box whenever I feel emotionally loaded or helpless. It helps me gain control from a (usually) healthy activity rather than an unhealthy one.
  3. Hobbies. Now this could be anything. For me personally, I have been trying to do more reading and writing since I have more time, and because it genuinely makes me happier doing these things, because I enjoy them. I have also gotten back into gaming, because again I have more time, and because it makes me happy.
  4. Keep in touch with those you love. This is even more important if you are by yourself during this quarantine, but mandatory for everyone. I have found saving dates for particular events to go to with my friends after this is over has allowed me to keep going in the hope that I can return to normalcy soon. I have tried to reach out to as many people as I can, letting them know that they are not alone during these troubling times. I urge you all to do the same. Stay in contact with friends and family as much as you can, because keeping loved ones closed is truly what could save a lot of us during these times.
  5. Relax. You do not have to do anything productive at this time. Just remember that even waking up and not feeling like the world is in shambles is a step in the right direction. Turn off your phone for some time if you need to. Laze around if you want to. You do not need to come out of this quarantine a different person. As long as you do not do it for a prolonged period of time (it is easy to slip into a depressive state). We will come out of this without more destructive behaviours than we already have. We will make it through this. I believe in you. I believe in us.

Thank you for reading! stay safe and sane everyone, and stay inside while washing your hands!(a normal amount, not obsessively!)

Thank you for supporting me! xx

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