What its like to be a Black Woman With extra emotional baggage

Hello everyone, and welcome back. I’ve realised that I don’t talk a lot about myself on here, and even though that’s not much of my thing, its always nice to do so every so often.

So, not a lot of you know this but I am currently struggling with an eating disorder, which comes with body dysmorphia and depression. So…yeah, not doing absolutely great, but just f*cking imagine having to deal with all that and still having to deal with the emotional labour of being a black woman in our society.

Yes, it makes it a million times harder. Not only am I trying to fight the demons that I have acquired over time from traumatic events and a poisonous coping mechanisms, but I’m also fighting the demons that society has decided to give me. As you can imagine, I’m absolutely fuming. I not only have to wake up everyday trying to figure out how to not only be a functioning member of society without crying or collapsing, but I always wake up and go to the bed with the cognitive emotional labour that I’m made to do because I am a black woman.

Its also worse constantly being referred to as a “strong” queen or someone who just seems to navigate this world with utter happiness and confidence. While that is partly true (Let’s not get it twisted), it is incredibly unhealthy perpetuating this narrative that all black women are just naturally born strong and wow you can handle like literally anything what a superhero omg! Because black women are also allowed to be vulnerable and hurt sometimes. Do not reply to a black woman in obvious emotional pain by saying that she can handle it because she is a ‘strong black woman’. That hurts, and it teaches black women to suppress their emotions so they can fit this ideal. I’ve been doing this all my life, and its absolute emotional agony.

We need to dismantle to notion that black women are not sensitive or vulnerable, neither do they have mental illnesses. The mental health care system doesn’t even take us seriously. Most black women are not believed, or are not given adequate care. It’s abysmal.

Thank you for reading! I was writing with my own current emotions, so I’m sorry if this post is short or not as good as my other posts. Quality content coming soon! Please note that this is not part of my weekly content. Just me ranting, that’s all. If you enjoyed this post, please give it a like!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Apoman Abella says:

    Can totally relate! You WILL get through this. Let your emotions flow 😉


    1. Thank you so much love! Hope you’re doing well through all this madness x


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