As A Woman Of Colour, Be The First In The Room To Speak, And Speak Loudly

Welcome back everyone! As usual, I have a lot to say, and I will say it, whether you agree with it or not.

People always wonder why whenever I find myself in a new space, I’m usually very quick to talk, and my voice is incredibly and unapologetically projected. Ever since I was a really young child, I found it important to always be the first person to talk and establish myself in an unfamiliar space. Now, don’t get me wrong. For everyone in general, it is important to establish yourself and push yourself, and most people generally feel uncomfortable in certain places, for one reason or the other. However, for women, most especially women of colour, this is particularly important.

Why, you ask? Well, unfortunately, due to our heavily systemic society and an enormous hierarchical problem within our society, women, and particularly women of colour are simply expected to just not have a voice or a strong opinion, because society has deemed us less worthy of being listened to than our white male counterparts. Because of this, usually by proxy, women of colour are made to feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar spaces, particularly spaces that white men dominate by numbers. This leads to a state of timidness where WOC simply just, do not speak.

However, WOC, I am here to tell you that it has never been a better time to talk and talk and talk, and make it audible. Have an opinion that you feel like you might be attacked for? Then (unless it attacks another group of marginalised people) say it. LOUD. White men do it, and they do it all the time, so why can’t you?

Doing this allows people to know that yes, you do have an opinion, and you are not afraid to say it, therefore vindicating yourself from the shackles of the patriarchy and white supremacy. To other people, it may not be deeper than just stating an opinion, as most people do. However, for most women and WOC, stating an opinion and making their voices very much heard in unfamiliar spaces is a bigger confirmation that yes, your opinion exists, and it is very much valid.

Audre Lorde, Black Feminist Lesbian Poet

Now, I am definitely not encouraging you to go around shouting over peoples voices (unless need be). I am saying, however, that you as a woman of colour should never feel the need to shrink yourselves in places you are unfamiliar with. Fight that uncomfortable feeling. You deserve to exist and take up space just as much as the other people in the room!

Thank you so much for reading and continuing to support this blog, even though I do not have as much time as I used to to write posts, or even write in general. If you enjoyed this post, please give it a like, and comment down below if you have any opinions or questions you would like to share!

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