Whats Happened For Me This Year? Things that have affected me (and probably you!), Both positively and Negatively

Hello everyone! Apologies for not being able to write as frequently this year, but my oh my has it been a hectic year! Theres a lot that has happened that has affected me on different levels, and I just thought I would share it with you as the year wraps up. Some of these things have affected me personally and in particular, but some things could very well relate to you as well.

Making It Through A levels and starting university at Newcastle University

Not only was I able to scale through A levels (not terribly) unscathed, but I managed to get AAB and get into my dream course, English Literature And Creative Writing, at an amazing Russel Group University. It has been hectic moving countries (again), but ive absolutely fallen in love with the city, the people, and everything this university has to offer.

The continued fight for inter-sectional feminism

My oh my, what a year its been for intersectional feminism! We have exposed JK rowling for being a TERF (Trans-exclusionary Radical Feminist) which she, in my opinion, always has been to a certain extent, but thats a story for another post. Nowadays, people are realising that feminism is not as simple as it is cracked out the be. It is complex, and no matter how well you understand it already, there is always something new to learn as we progress through time. However, J.K. Rowling is not the only one attempting to gate-keep feminism and purposely exclude other marginalised groups of people. Remember when Always decided to remove the female symbol from their sanitary products to be more trans inclusive and everyone went crazy! Especially women who claimed to be feminist? yeah, I didn’t forget. (The link to my post on that is here, since most of you conveniently didn’t read it). Lets do better in 2020 please. Oh, and if you still do not know what intersectional/4th wave feminism is, I will not explain it to you. Look it up. Educate yourself.

The UK conservative Party Win

Unfortunately, as there is positive, there is a negative. The overwhelming UK conservative party win showed me many things, but there are main things. One of them being that despite what many people might think about the UK, there is still an underlining majority of racial nationalists who are racist, sexist, Islamaphobic e.t.c. The UK is not as innocent as many people would like to think, and this win has only solidified that horrible fact to me.

Being one of the winners of the Fredrick Douglass competition at Newcastle University

Fredrick Douglass Centre, Newcastle Helix

If you can pop into the Centre in spring 2020 and check out my poetry, that would be great!

All The incidents at my University That Have Hit so close to home


Not only were they poorly handled until there were petitions signed and a major uproar on campus, but people felt incredibly unsafe. These are students who the university vowed to protect yet did quite a shitty job at protecting. As much as I have enjoyed Newcastle University so far, shame on Newcastle. Sign the petitions to end racial violence here, and sign the petition to remove perpetrators from campus here.

Well, those are the ones that have stood out for me this year! Overall, despite the negatives, it truly has been a great year! Thank you to everyone who has continued to support me and this website, even though I haven’t had enough time to post often. Happy New Year, and hope to see your continued support in 2020!

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