Always – Will we always be ignorant and internally Transphobic?

Hello everyone, welcome back! I just want to mention that in some of my previous posts, I began them with ‘Ladies and gents’, which is extremely ignorant and inconsiderate, and I take full responsibility for being non-inclusive towards the non-binaries, or anybody else. I have since stopped using this when beginning my posts.

Last week Always decided to remove the female symbol on their sanitary products to be more gender inclusive, and a significant part of the world is letting out a silent clap in their heads. I mean, it is definitely about time that these companies realise that it is not only women who have menstrual cycles, and some women do not even have menstrual cycles. However, there is still an incredibly large group of people who have rejected this idea, insisting that this change will do nothing to detonate gender norms, and that no matter what society wants to say, only women have menstrual cycles. Has this small but mighty gesture by Always exposed us to the unfortunately long-lasting forsaking and hatred of non-cisgender individuals?

Yes and no. Yes, because it shows us just how little the world cares about transgender and intersex individuals. No because this is not the first time the world will choose to turn a blind eye to non-cisgender individuals. The world has always ignored these individuals, both their existence and their need for more rights and protection. Even members of the LGBTQ+ society do not believe in the existence of these people. Transgender suicides are the highest within the LGBTQ+ community, despite being the smallest in number within this community.

Apart from Transgender people, there are intersex people who are born with different reproductive organs from their gender i.e. a man with female reproductive organs. These people are also ignored and, like transgender people, are almost seen as freaks of nature and things to constantly gawk at, being examined, be fully understood.

The uproar from a large group of people, just because always is deciding to remove the female symbol from their sanitary products, simply shows the refusal of people to include these people in society, as they are not considered completely human, simply because they are slightly different from the mass population. No matter how many transgender flags are put in schools, workspaces or offices, no matter how many gender fluid toilets are out in place (not very many at all), we are still not quite there in inclusively just yet.

Also, for the people saying this does nothing to break down gender norms and expectations; you are wrong. Yes, this will not stop the unfair slaughtering of transgender and intersex individuals. Yes, this will not stop overt discrimination. However, this small gesture publicises the existence of these people, so there is no excuse to blatantly ignore them in the name of sheer ignorance. And that is always a good thing. Not. Only. Women. Bleed.

Thank you for reading! As always if you enjoyed this post, please give it a like, and let me know in the comments if you agree/disagree (without being transphobic), or if I have left something out in this post!

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