The ‘Mummy’ Complex In Men And How To Spot The Warning Signs

Hello everybody! Wow, it has definitely been a hot minute since I have written on here, and I have missed this. But we are on and popping again, and I have SO MUCH to say as per usual.

Firstly, what exactly is the Mummy Complex? Well, if you have never heard of this term before, it is because I created it myself. I created this term because I do not see any similar official term defining this psychological defect in men (shocker!), which is terrible because this is could be a very interesting form of psychoanalysis. I would want to read a book on this. Anyway, the Mummy complex is a situation in which a man has been groomed by his mother to feel as though he deserves his feet kissed by anybody that passes him (usually a heterosexual situation where a man feels like this towards any woman he engages romantically with) , and he deserves anything he wants without having to put any effort forth. The result? A man child. A man who basically feels the need to replicate his mother when looking for any romantic interest in the future, as his mother is the only person to imbibe these values in him, while treating him like a new born his whole life.

He also feels as though he is deserving of this motherly love and affection despite whatever he does, because he has been nurtured to think this way by his mother.

Now that we know what the mummy complex is, how do we spot the signs? Simple. Whenever you get the vibe that a man is simply looking for a maid/mother instead of a romantic interest, run! it is easier to run in the beginning than it is to run later on, as you still have no emotional attachment to this man. Such vibes include (but are not limited to) phrases like this:

  • The way to my heart is through my stomach
  • My mother always does xyz for me
  • You are exactly the kind of girl my mother would like!
  • I’m just one big baby!
  • You remind me of my mother…

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that a man should not love his mother and respect her, while appreciating certain qualities in her. In fact, I would advise to never be with a man who disrespects his mother, as he will never respect you if he cannot even respect the closes woman to him. However, if you have heard phrases like this from a guy you are with/looking to be with romantically in the future, please love, unless you want to replicate this man’s mother (which you will never truly do, therefore meaning he will always be unhappy and unsatisfied), for the love of f*ck, please run!

Thank you so much for reading! if this offends you, you are either a man with the mummy complex or a person in a relationship with one. In that case, fix it. If you enjoyed this post please give it a like, and comment down below if you agree/disagree, or if there if something I have left out. I apologise again for being gone for so long, but I am back now, and I have LOADS to say, so make sure you follow this site so you never miss a post!

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