Our Planet Is Dying. What Are You Doing About It Besides Posting About It?

Welcome back. This is not my usual post but the fact that the U.K. parliament is the first to declare climate emergency inspired me to write this. There is no way to sugarcoat this: our planet is dying. And according to recent developments, we do not have enough time to revitalise and rejuvenate our planet before the earth will reach an irreversible point, in which temperatures and sea levels will rise, causing severe storms, extreme heat, drought, and fires.135 months to be exact. Scared? you should be. Read more in the article linked below.


With global warming from too much greenhouse gases, and just general toxic waste being thrown into our oceans, our planet has a very good chance of ending in your lifetime. In our lifetime. What are you doing about it besides Instagram posts and twitter retweets?

I know a lot of people (who will not be named) that post constantly about the planet and loving the planet but do literally nothing to help the planet. They frequently use excessive amounts of plastic without any care for where this plastic is going (hint: most of the plastic you use will probably end up going into the oceans and choking wildlife), and they blame this on ‘big organisations’.

And yeah, I am aware of the fact that most of the trash is trash coming from huge companies and organisations that have this waste, or organisations basically making everything with plastic so that it is hard to avoid, but it cannot be disputed the huge influence we can make as the human race by not buying these things. Not buying/using plastic, boycotting brands for not caring about the environment, and so much more can cajole these brands into actually addressing the problems that they cause to the environment, and trying their hardest to reduce it. Do not say it is not possible, either: right now, as we speak, the U.K. has gone a week without burning coal. Read more in the article linked below.

You can make a difference, too. As a small individual, you can make a difference. Reduce the amount of straws you use. Instead of buying disposable plastic cups, get one ceramic or glass cup that you can use frequently. Too many plastic bottles? Get a water bottle that can drastically reduce the amount of plastic cups that are used. Stop using disposable Styrofoam or plastic plates/cutlery. Get crockery and cutlery that is steel. Reduce the amount of tissue paper/ Kitchen rolls that are used. In fact, despite what you might think, using water to wash up reduces more bacteria than that heavy tissue wipe, so maybe use a little tissue and then use water if possible. Swap out kitchen rolls for re-usable towels. Cutting down trees is killing the environment too, because with less plants and a growing population, more Carbon dioxide causes global warming to increase because it is a greenhouse gas. Also, despite what you may want to think, reduce your intake of meat if you do not want to cut it out completely. This is because, as the demand for meat increases, deforestation will increase to accommodate more cows to rear, so not only is there more carbon dioxide, but there will be more methane for cows farts, which is also a greenhouse gas that will also increase global warming. And, for heaven’s sake, you do not need an hour in the shower. Take shorter showers, or take cooler showers, or both, because the amount of energy needed to heat water is very high. By doing this, we can save more then 500 pounds of Carbon Dioxide each year. If, as a planet, we can make a conscious effort to do this, we can force big companies to address and reduce the hazards that are caused to the environment, and collectively save our planet from reaching the point of no return. Do this instead of just posting ‘Happy earth day!’ or posts about the environment without personal change. I am begging you.

Mascot Illustration of a Happy Earth Covered with Trees

Thank you so much for reading! Like this post if you enjoyed it! do you think that we can still save our earth, or do you think we are too far gone? personally, I think we can still save our environment before we reach the point of no return, with collective effort of course. Are there ways to help the environment that I have not added? Let me know in the comments!

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