Why You Should Be A Feminist And Five Empowering Women To Stan Before March Runs Out

Welcome back! In honour of International Women’s day (A week late, I am so, so sorry), I am going to be explaining just why feminism is so beautiful, as it is evident from the spike in google searches of when International men’s day is ON INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY that a lot of you simply do not understand this otherwise very simple concept. If you genuinely don’t know, then stick around. Also, I am going to be making it easy for you. Don’t know which woman you should stan this year? I got you. I am going to be telling you which women really empower me, and why you too should stan the heck out of them.

Okay. First things first. What even is feminism? well, according to the oxford dictionary, a feminist is a person who supports the belief that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? However, over the years, the idea of feminism has been shifted and turned by misogynistic individuals and inane women, and have truly morphed what it really means to be a feminist. I am going to make this clear to all of you reading this right now: feminism is about the EQUALITY of genders. No it is not about being a “feminazi” (as misogynistic men would say), and it is not about wanting to be on top of men. It is about being equal to men. It is about walking into an organisation and you aren’t being critisised because your skirt is slightly above knee level. It is about removing the conception that women are physically and emotionally weak. It is about standards being as high for men as they are for women, and not hearing things like “if your standards are too high, you will never get married”. THIS is what we stand for, and I am not bothered if I have to go on an endless tirade with somebody who just doesn’t get it. I am not a screaming feminazi, I am passionate in what I believe in.

Now, why should you be a feminist? Its very simple. As a man, you literally have nothing to lose by fighting for EQUALITY. Trust me, you will will not lose your pride and privilege as a man, because it has been there for centuries, and we are just trying to be equal. Its just like white people fighting against racial equality. It does not decrease their privilege at all. It takes nothing from you, and it actually gives you to satisfaction, knowing you are helping a good cause. As a woman, I genuinely cannot understand why you aren’t a feminist already, because not supporting feminism means you are supporting your own oppression. At the end of the day, it is completely your choice, but i’m just saying, though. Oh, and there aren’t different types of feminism, you either are or you aren’t. Period.

Okay, now that weve gotten that out of the way, Let me show you some women that you can support and follow to become a feminist, and know more of feminism to be well rounded in arguments and conversations. Lets get it.

  1. Chidera Eggerue (aka the slumflower)

With her new book, what a time to be alone (which I haven’t had the time to read yet, but is a good read, i’ve heard!), the Slumflower, with her #SAGGYBOOBSMOVEMENT and her incessant stressing on the importance of feminism and rocking the patriarchy, I have become very enamoured with everything that she stands for, and I encourage you to watch her TEDtalk and her many podcasts and talks. She is so inspiring and honestly, despite my growth in feminism, I aspire to be as fearless as her in that respect.

2. Mikai Mcdermott

When I found her youtube channel, I fell in absolute LOVE with her different talks about misogyny and the likes (her youtube channel is her name, by the way. Go and support her). Not only is she an empowering feminist, but she also talks about subjects like depression and how to cope with being alone. She is also a boss with her own wig company, Cipher! I adore her so much, and she makes me want to get up in the morning and do things!

3. Barbie Ferreira

On top of her amazing attitude to body positivity and her belief in the beauty of all women, she is also a plus size model who empowers women in different ways, and encourages women to be the best version of themselves, not being afraid to take a naked pic or two. Need I say more?

4. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

If you arent stanning her already, what kind of feminist are you? I love her and all her books, and she is even the one inspiring me to write my own book (shhhh!).

5. Dounia

Not only is a an outstanding outspoken feminist who inspires women, but her music absolutely and utterly SLAPS. So you can join the feminist movement while listening to some amazing tunes while you’re at it.

These are just five women I have recently been inspired by that I feel are not getting as much attention as they should be, but there are many other popular feminists out there (I might dedicate a whole post to them!) that are changing the game and rocking the patriarchy, as they should be.

Thank you for reading! do you agree with this post? what would you like to add, tell me in the comments or email me. Until next time, stay feminist and keep rocking the patriarchy and misogyny that we live in!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Equinox Angel says:

    I agree that the whole idea of feminism has been lost in translation over the years. I feel like some people honestly just don’t get it because they want to wallow in their own mediocrity and because of their own insecurities. Great post big sis!


    1. Thanks bro! ❤️


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