Valentines Day Is A Hoax

Stop giving incompetent people your time because you don’t want to be lonely this valentine.

Welcome back guys! Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Do you really have to do that? do you really have to be negative about everything, even a holiday filled with love and excitement? The answer is, I am only here to be insightful and not negative. Ladies and girls, this one is for you- as I am infact a girl and a feminist. Yes. And if you have a problem with that, deal with it with yourself, not with me. Anyway, today I am going to be discussing why Valentines day is a complete and utter hoax and why you actually will let these impudent men/women pass and not hold on to them for the sheer reason of valentines day. Yes, you. Block his/her number!

Firstly, why the hell are we celebrating a man who died anyway? I mean, sure he did help young men marry in secret when it was basically illegal and that is incredibly cute, but why has valentines day now become heavily associated with the need to find love, even in places that it just isn’t there? Firstly, even if we are celebrating this overrated day, we should be celebrating love. Love of all kinds, even the love from your mother or your siblings. Valentines day is not only associated with romantic love. And even if you want to celebrate romantic love, why do you so blithely cling to a relationship handing on a very fragile string? after all, you cannot fully celebrate valentines day if you have no love or care for the person, or your relationship has dwindled.

Besides, perfectly growing and healthy love should be celebrated everyday. Why must your love be sealed with a cute valentines day selfie on Instagram or a bouquet of flowers? there are just so many things wrong with this day. So many.

But despite the stupidity that many of us are cognisant of, we put it behind us and blindly follow this holiday with intense ardour. Why? because your friend also has a valentine and she told you shes going to the Bahamas this valentine. Because if you do not have a valentine, you seem unwanted or left behind to other people. So, despite the fact that your relationship is horrible, you let him slap you or call you a b*tch because he said that he will also be taking you to the Bahamas for Valentines day. You let him/her give you horrible sex because at least everything will be tied together in a nice little bow for valentines day. If it is a person you dont know that well, you give up a day that you could be spending with people who really love you and spend it with a person who adds little to nothing to your life for the remainder of the year. Sounds terrible when someone else puts it in perspective for you, doesn’t it?

Stop spending time with people who are not worth it on Valentine’s Day, and start appreciating real love with people in your life all days of the year, like your parents or friends. Or, better still, maybe buy yourself some chocolates and roses this year. Take a hot bath with luxury soap, and sleep on some expensive sheets, because you deserve it. You are worth it. the people who add value to your life are worth it. And hey, if you just so happened to be in a healthy romantic relationship, celebrate that constantly too!

Thank you so much for reading! Listen, despite all this, make sure to enjoy Valentine’s Day the right way, and with the right people! Make sure that you are also appreciating them all year long! If you enjoyed this post, give it a like. Comment down below if you have anything to add or subtract. Let’s talk about it. Or email me directly. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance, even though I slightly detest it!

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  1. elvis says:

    wowI didnt really think this way about valentines day. mostly because i never cared about the holiday because of rejections upon rejections. Anyways nice one

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad I made you see a different perspective. If everyone rejects you, treat yourself this valentine, because you deserve it☺️ email me if you have any questions!


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