Things We Seriously Need To Stop Doing In 2019

Welcome back Everyone! In the honour of 2018 finally coming to a close, we are gathered here today to outline major things that we all just need to leave in 2018 as a society. And no, it will not be anything like faux freckles or memes, but some serious, serious things. This is going to be interesting and I will be calling out all the problematic things you, yes you, do without even realising how harmful, disgusting or just plain idiotic it is. Get a snack, maybe some tea, kick your legs up and get comfortable. I will most definitely putting my foot on all of your necks.

Supporting Problematic Artists : Ah, yes. You do it all the time. You, you, you and yes, also you. Even I find myself slipping up sometimes. This is something that actually confuses me. We really need to stop supporting artists who, besides their music, which is usually horribly lack-lustre, they are actually horrible people. Let me give you examples. XXXTENTATION or xxxtesticles was an abuser, literally almost beating a woman to death (which he confessed to, btw. look it up). Yet when he died, and even prior to this, people, even WOMEN, referred to him as some sort of legend, flooding my timeline with “rip x, you were a legend” posts. 6ix9ine. That is all I will say on that one( both artists will have their names pop up more than once in this post). This makes me sad to say, but Nicki Minaj, a woman LITERALLY dating a rapist. LITERALLY. In 2019, I would like to see us as a society making artists pay for their horrible actions by ceasing to give their work the time of day until they take responsibility. And I dont want to hear the “I hate their actions, but their music is so good” excuse, because ive heard it too many times. Music is never that good, people. For heavens sake, Stop. Supporting. Problematic. Artists.

Disregarding Racism Between People Of Colour: Its been a great year for calling out white racists in the media, but what we are not about to carry into 2019 is the disinterest in racism between people of colour. Black people have been fighting to pull down damaging stereotypes in the media, and it has been working, so why then do we as a black community perpetrate racist stereotypes on other people of colour? We need to stop making fun of other races while simultaneously calling out white people for racist utterances. Likewise, non-black people of colour need to stop being so anti-black. Anti blackness is so deeply rooted in non-black people of colour that it is actually ridiculous. Do not cry about racism from white people when you in fact, are a racist. We will never be able to move forward in terms of racial issues if we as people of colour are racist to each other. Drop that in 2018 and do not take it into 2019, please and thank you.

Allowing non-black individuals to say the N word: This really irritates me. Since when was n*gga, established from n*gger and n*gro, what they used to call SLAVES, acceptable for people that were not black to say? if I am being completely honest, I would prefer if nobody said it. It is honestly such a harmful word that I would just wish to go away. However, it has become deeply rooted in black culture and slang to take back the toxicity of the word and make it into a good thing. I even find myself saying it out of habit sometimes. Though, non-black people, do not forget that the word is not for you. I will say it again. THE WORD IS NOT FOR YOU. I don’t care if its said in rap music or r&b and that just so happens to be your favourite music genre. You will close your mouth, sit there and eat your food when you here it come up in your favourite song. You will blur it out of anything you are re-posting. You will act accordingly. And black people, you will all stop giving your non-black friends “passes” to say the word, and you will all start calling them out on it. We will stop making non-black artists that say the N word, like 6ix9ine and Lil pump, profit off of the word. We will leave this aggravating thing in 2018, and stop doing it in 2019.

Disregarding assault against men and women: In 2019, we need to start believing the traumatic experiences of men and women. When a woman is finally bold enough to speak up about abuse she has received, believe her. Even if you wont, listen to her. Understand her. Even if she is lying, listening will allow other people to build the courage to speak out as well. When a man says he has been raped, don’t say he wasn’t manly enough. Listen to him. Why do we as a society fail to at least listen to allegations? like, for instance, when word got out that xxxtinct physically abused that girl, people were so quick to say that she lied, and even those who slightly believed it were quick to say “well, he has changed” when he didn’t even address it, let alone apologise. Stop saying men and women are lying when they finally get the courage to tell their story.

Making excuses for rape: Her dress was not too tight. She is not a slut. She was not stupid. They were rapists. They are at fault. Stop making excuses for why a person got raped. They are rapists. The fault is 100% on them. That is all I will say on that.

Being unnecessarily rude to white people: Yes. I said it, and I bet you were not expecting it. We are all aware that an outstanding amount of white people are disgustingly racist. However, that does not give us people of colour the liberty to go around being rude to white people we do not know, or white people that are actually very nice. It doesn’t make you woke, it just makes you look annoying and rude. I have a lot of amazing white friends that are far from racist. However, I will not hesitate to call them out if they say something even remotely offensive or harmful. Stop being histrionic. Leave that in 2018, s’ il vous plaît.

Colourism: I’ve said enough about this. Just leave it in 2018. Leave it. LEAVE IT.

Glamourising mental illnesses/ self diagnosis: I am actually very tired of this. Stop calling yourself bipolar just because you have like two of the many symptoms. Stop joking about committing suicide or isolating yourself from the world, because there are actually people who have to endure this feeling everyday, and therefore, making these things normality makes them think they do not need help, when in reality, they do. If you think you are suffering from any form of mental illnesses, get diagnosed. If you realise that you have been diagnosed with a mental illness, see a therapist. Talk to somebody. Get help.

Joking about feminism: This has become so normal that even some proclaimed feminists find themselves laughing at times. I understand that the idea of exaggerated feminism has basically broken the internet, with people that claim to be feminists doing things that actually do not assist the feminism movement at all, like pouring bleach on the crotches of men that are “man-spreading”, for example. Our reputation as feminists have deteriorated lately, but I am here to tell you that the people that do or say things like this are not feminists. They are just people who claim to be without an extensive knowledge of what a feminist really is. Real feminists are actually aiding in breaking the yolk of dangerous stereotypes and ideals of women, while also helping women in need. Do not joke about us please. Those jokes are really not funny, except if you are joking about the stupidity of false feminists who say pointless things like “stop man-spreading”. Leave it in 2018.

Glamourising the lack of sleep: I had to end this list on a light note. Let me loosen my hand on your throat a little bit. Stop fantasising about getting only five minutes of sleep in a week and “getting that bread”. The human body needs at least 5 hours of sleep a day. Get your sleep man. The bread can wait.

Thank you for reading! if you liked this, give this post a thumbs up! Thank you for putting up with me for this long. I hope to see more of you in 2019, preferably being active and showing that you like my content. Follow my blog to see what I have planned for you next year. Happy new year in advance!

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  1. Mo😝 says:

    I couldn’t imagine a list more appropriately put together😁😁
    The individual racism within the black community (Ex. African Americans to African) disgusts me as well. It’s something I’ve never understood. It’s like African Americans don’t realise we’re two different sides to the same coin. It’s unreasonable to compare our histories and fight over who suffered most in the time following Colonisation-something they haven’t managed to understand- Nevertheless, it makes no sense for them to think they’re in anyway better-off, as though theirs is a more ‘superior’ bondage, or luxurious suffering. (I just had to😉)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! It also baffles me that African Americans have the audacity to be racist towards Africans, calling them African booty scratchers or the likes. You’re laughing at your own culture. The one that was snatched away from you. That’s nothing to be happy about.


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