Why Realising Santa Wasn’t Real Ruined Christmas For Me

Whatever time it is in your country (because I have readers from different parts of the world; isn’t that amazing?) , Merry Christmas if you celebrate! Now, I am not trying to dim your holiday spirit or anything, because I am completely cognisant of the fact that Christmas is a very big deal for a lot of you out there; most of you, innately. However, I could not let this Christmas pass by without reminding you that there are in fact people that go about Christmas day as though it was any other day. Yes. We exist. I wake up in the morning and It doesn’t feel even remotely special. However, it wasn’t always like this. I remember counting down the days till Christmas and not being able to sleep on Christmas eve. But one thing ruined it. One thing made me lose interest in Christmas altogether; Santa. Santa Claus. And in this post, I am going to explain why.

When I was very little, I anticipated Christmas because of one thing and one thing only; presents. And I got them almost every year too. I became so enamoured with the idea of writing a list and shoving it in the Christmas tree, anticipating the items on the list, just waiting for me under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. But, you see, that was the problem, and my demise. See, as a young child, my presents were easy – barbies, shoes e.t.c. were usually the things I wanted. But once I hit twelve, I started asking for a little too much from my African parents, barbies turned into earpieces, and shoes turned into an Iphone. It was becoming clear to them that we were growing, and they could no longer accommodate our Christmas wishes. So, they told us. In the worst way possible – on Christmas day- they told us. I remember it like it was yesterday, the disappointment and anger I felt, even though, deep down, I already knew. After the Christmas of 2014, I never saw Christmas the same again. I thought to myself constantly, whats the point, right? if there are no presents, then there is no point of Christmas. That, ladies and gentlemen, is why I have a very nonchalant attitude to Christmas. I grew up thinking that all Christmas was about was trying to be on Santa’s nice list and getting showered with what I wanted, when Christmas is really all about spending time with the people you love the absolute most.

Bottom line, never teach your children to anticipate Christmas only for the sake of materialistic things, or they might end up like me, being up at 2:40am on Christmas day.

Are you similar to me? or do you know someone who is? Let me know in the comments! Also, give this post a thumbs up if you enjoyed it! Merry Christmas! or, just Christmas?

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