Lets Discuss Anti Feminist and “Pick me” Women On Social Media

“My man will always be fed, clothes washed, burped, tucked in and massaged. Do better kings.”

“This feminist shit is just another excuse for you ladies to be lazy and not do housework.”

Both of these statements are either posts i’ve seen on social media or words coming out of an actual person. If you have come across statements or posts like this, congratulations, you have come across an anti-feminist and a “pick me”.

Welcome back. In this post, I am going to be breaking down what it really means to be an anti feminist woman or a “pick me” woman on social media and their true motives. And if you are one of these women about to be described, I will also explain why your tasteless tactics are damaging for you in the long run.


So what are anti feminists and “pick me” women anyway? simple explanation. Anti feminist women (though self-explanatory) are women who do not believe in the feminist movement and believe that women are still meant to be subservient to their male counterparts and significant others because they are somehow lesser or meager. Basically women that downplay themselves but I digress. “Pick me” women are women who portray the fact that they would break their back and bend their spine to keep their man, therefore somehow making them better or more useful than the other ladies that do not do things like this.

Now, what is their motive, you ask? men.

Now I don’t care if you want to say “well everybody can have their own opinions” or “different strokes for different folks” because that is all false. I can sit here confidently and say that all of these women are attention seekers, preferably from men. Now, if you dont believe in feminism, or you like to push yourself to a breaking point for a man, then that is your prerogative.  But making these opinions public on social media, and adding things like “do better kings” or “im not like other girls” immediately insinuates that men should be looking at you and not other ladies to date.



Just stop.

Now that we’ve talked about who these women are and their motives, let me talk directly to these women. All this for a text back? here’s why that text back may not be a good thing for you at all.

Any man who is completely comfortable with a woman being openly anti-feminist and insulting to other women is probably, in fact most definitely misogynistic and dangerous. These are the types of men that talk about how slutty and bitchy women are on social media, but will tell you “oh but you’re different though”. Any man that finds you amazing because you constantly talk about how you don’t smoke, drink, have sex or post revealing pictures is most likely the type of man that believes that women should be pure and meager, not doing anything to suggest that they are even remotely sexual or human. He will also most likely require that you do not wear anything that would show even your shoulder, and will also require that you dont go out often or socialise as you have made him to believe that is already okay with you. Any man that is attracted to a woman who posts how diligent with house chores or taking care of him will most likely believe that it is your role as a woman to do these things, therefore forcing you to break your back and stay on your toes to please him. You will find yourself in a relationship that is very one-sided, with you putting in all your effort to keep him while he stays floating.

So, if you are part of this group of women, the type of man who you are attracting may not be the type of man you really want to be around.

This was a short one, but I just needed to get it off my chest, because im tired of Anti feminist and “pick me” women. They need to break their phone and seek help because it is not okay or healthy. You shouldnt be that desperate for a man that you will take anything you can get.

Any burning questions? leave a comment down below or contact me! If you liked this, give this a thumbs up! Are you this type of women? or have you encountered one? let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Paula-Petra says:

    Vicks I actually think this is really nice but I am a bit confused. When u wrote stuff about girls posting about how good, clean and pure they are, is it a good thing or a bad thing in your opinion.


    1. Not a bad thing at all; you can be as pure as you want but adding things like “I’m not like other girls” or “I’m better than other girls” is the problem.


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